Always Ready

Juno Pier saw me many times in 2013.  Some were visits chasing Tortuga tracks and catching glimpses of my favorite creatures coming ashore at 2 a.m. on the miles of beach south of the pier.  Other visits had me chasing that perfect mixture – that prime pre-dawn time frame, trying to catch just the right morning blend of leftover clouds on the horizon from nightly storms.

In frequenting this locale many times, it occurred to me that the lifeguard dory boat really needed to be incorporated into the scene.  My first shots of the pier did not include it.  The dory added just the right element into the foreground that the shot needed.

Most destinations for my images are free and clear from civilization.  This factor, along with the pre-dawn time frame, typically eliminates any humanoids wandering through my vista while the camera is hot.  The abundance of people on and around the pier arose as a challenge in capturing this image.  Fishermen are about the only people, it seems, that keep the same odd hours as me.

If you look closely to the area between the lifeguard boat and the pier, you will find the ghost image of two determined anglers.


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