Foto of the Month


I know for a fact this shot will never be replicated.  I dare to say that this perspective will likely never be copied.  Why you ask? Victory captures the old

Leave the World Behind

This image is all about Florida.  The long passage ways to the open ocean.  The gorgeous white bleached sand beneath while traversing out.  Idle speed in the no wake zone.

7 Miles

The infamous 7 Mile bridge in the Florida Keys provided such a wonderful backdrop of contrast.  The shot before you took about six days of shooting between two separate trips

Coastal Florida Release

Captured over a period of four months in the late summer and early fall of 2013, the Coastal Florida Series covers the vast circumference of the state I call home.  


One of my favorite areas on the west coast of the United States is Orange County.  More specifically, Laguna Beach and Newport Beach are sublime. After visiting and area around


To set the stage a bit, I am in the Olympic National Forest.  I haven’t had even one bar on my cell phone for 2 days.   It’s been monsoon

Rock Hatchery

Like some aliens had landed long ago and left these perfect rows of round boulders. I only know of two places on earth where boulders like this exist and have

Too Late to Leave

To set the stage a bit, I am a couple hours south of San Francisco in Santa Cruz area. It was my third day of scouting and shooting in the