Certificate of Authenticity

Deliberation. Every single detail and effort put into the creation of Henthorne’s artwork  is to insure visual satisfaction to the viewer. The entire process from the capture of the image, to the meticulous printing, to the handmade frames and art museum glass are all precisely calculated factors.

When the time came to develop the Certificate of Authenticity, the same level of detail was mandatory.

The Certificate of Authenticity needed to make a statement. It needed to match the zen sophistication of the artwork; not just a piece of paper, but a work of art in itself. In the end, this certificate is for the collectors who decide to own a Henthorne, so what better way to express this than with the elegance of letterpress.


We partnered with Studio on Fire to create a piece that would match the artwork in sophistication. The Certificate of Authenticity starts off with a sleeveless open-sided steel grey envelope. On the front, the envelope holds the Henthorne logo made with a tonal letterpress impression. No color was used. The letterpress’ plates were hinted with varnish to print the logo on the envelope–a subtle detail creating a mark and balance with the certificate. The certificate insert was printed on 100% cotton paper pressed with the full color logo and information. This fluorescent white paper also carries the specific details of the collected piece of art. To finish off, each certificate has a serialized hologram of which the matching serials are kept on file at Henthorne Art Foto HQ.

We value our clients and appreciate their love for art. This is one of the many reasons we strive to give them a unique experience every time they encounter Henthorne Art Foto.



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