Days Go By

I knew when I shot this that I wanted this minimalistic, high key shot to rival some of the other releases in this edition. I wanted to capture the simply sharp, hard left angle of the pilings cutting through the water.

Although the tidal flow in Florida is fairly insignificant, what’s left of the dock from eons ago looks very different at high tide versus low.

Having all that planned out, the one thing that I just have to wait for (and sometimes the wait is days) are those clouds. The formation of my cumulus clouds happens at different times depending on the location. It’s late afternoon on the West Coast of Florida. On the east coast, you have to get them early in the morning before they all stack up inland. It can happen anytime in the Keys, so you just have to wait it out.

I had to wait it out with Days Go By. Shooting for 4 days finally revealed the image before you.




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