To set the stage a bit, I am in the Olympic National Forest.  I haven’t had even one bar on my cell phone for 2 days.   It’s been monsoon rains and 60mph winds for 3 days with no break. To say the least… I haven’t got a shot in awhile and I am getting a little cabin fever in the RV.

I finally arrive to La Push and there is a partial break in the weather late in the afternoon. It’s still very foggy and visibility is under a quarter mile. I have about a 2 mile hike up the most gorgeous beach of black sand and rock.  After 45 minutes–Eureka… I see my rocky outcrop.

Just as soon as I saw my target I also noticed one hundred yards in front me me–a raging rain swollen stream that would need to be crossed. It seems like there is always some crazy stream between me and my shot. After surveying the best place to cross, I along with all my gear, proceed close to where the river met the ocean.  It fanned out there the most and was a bit shallower.

Arriving about half way across the stream, my legs were suddenly washed out…


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