Rock Hatchery

Like some aliens had landed long ago and left these perfect rows of round boulders. I only know of two places on earth where boulders like this exist and have been fortunate enough to visit both locations in the last two years. Rock Hatchery is in northern California. The other local being the south island of New Zealand (series releasing in late 2014).

Capturing Rock Hatchery was the pinnacle of the Pacifico Series. The details regarding this location were crucial to say the least. I had to be at a very specific place, on the right days at the right time. Once again, balancing light with tide and weather.  This shot was one thousand percent tide dependent as these rocks are invisible 90% of the time.  The window to capture any shots was less than 30 minutes each day.

Although it is rare, this location did provide me with a solid rock bottom under the water. This gave me the ability to actually get out in the water for the long exposure. Yes, the Pacific Ocean was freezing and yes my lower extremities were not happy about it.

As this location landed near the half-way point from Vancouver BC to San Diego, CA,  the entire 2 months of shooting the Pacifico series was all planned around the 3 days spent capturing the image before you.


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