Too Late to Leave

To set the stage a bit, I am a couple hours south of San Francisco in Santa Cruz area. It was my third day of scouting and shooting in the area. Once again, getting the tide and the lighting to cooperate was a tremendous challenge. I needed that soft evening light and a low tide so that I could access this area.

After my 3rd attempt and hike in deep sand with all my gear, things started to pay off. Great clouds, great movement in the water. Tide was just right but coming in much quicker than I anticipated. I got everything set on what I call boulder #3 and started shooting.  Images were looking good and light was getting perfect.

Then all of the sudden I see two guys jump up on the boulder #1? I am in the middle of nowhere and haven’t seen anyone in hours. Now comes the perfect moment and these clowns are drinking beer and fishing? Right as I finish the shot, a rogue wave comes up and all the way over my head, delivering sand and salt water all over me and my gear. It was time for me to depart and I just narrowly was able to get off the boulder and back to shore. The two fisherman – not so lucky. They were going to be stuck there for several hours until the tide came in further and then went back out. Thus the name for this image.

At the time, I thought their presence was going to destroy the shot. In retrospect it ended up being just the thing. Gives the viewer some perspective on scale.



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