I know for a fact this shot will never be replicated.  I dare to say that this perspective will likely never be copied.  Why you ask?

Victory captures the old train trestle that at one time was the only way to get onto Boca Grande.   Being a fotographer often requires the ability to ‘forget’ how to read.  Especially signs that say “do not enter” or “no trespassing”, “no this” and “no that”.  If I read all the signs of where I am not supposed to be, I would have far fewer award winning images!  At the time of capture, a new causeway to Gasparilla Island was being erected.  Friday night, 7pm….the construction crews were long gone.

Plenty of solitude and time to shoot.  Was thrilled when coming back to the studio and seeing the “V” like wake that 4 boats had made with their propeller wake.  Victory for me!


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