Wizard Hat

Life is all about perspective.  Wizard Hat exemplifies this statement.  

I had been to Bandon Oregon shooting in 2010.  Unfortunately that trip was not a successful adventure due to relentless rain.  Upon arrival this time, I was fully aware of when and where I needed to be.  The sharp jagged outcrop in this image looks completely different as you circle it from 360 degrees.  

Setting up for a long exposure capture on this beach is one of the trickiest.  The beach is several hundred yards deep and very shallow.  These elements produce very long thin waves that are spread out considerably timing wise.  All said, studying where you can and cannot set up your tripod (and not get washed out) is a science all of its own here.

Although it was a bitter cold morning, the clouds decided to cooperate nicely moving through at a nice 45 to Wizard Hat.  If you look closely in the background to the left, you can spot the makings of Tired Warriors.


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