limited edition collection

The fotographs in the Henthorne Art Foto gallery are offered as Limited Editions. These images are the pinnacle works by Henthorne and are typically presented as finished pieces of artwork in three different formats (hyperlink to section below). Print only is available in limited sizes. Editions sizes are indicated in the Image Information section. I.e. If the Edition Size is 40 then only 40 of this image will be printed, regardless of size.

Each print is Numbered, Signed and includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

Please inquire for current pricing as it changes based on availability.

artists proofs

Artists Proofs of some images are offered. The number of Artist Proofs offered can be found in the Image Information section. Smaller in number, thus having a special value due to the rarity. Artist Proofs are traditionally offered when the limited edition has completely sold out. If you have more question, please contact us for clarity.

One of one

The One of One section contains images that offer the ultimate exclusivity. Each image in this collection will only be printed a single time regardless of size or format. The Collector has the option to have the artwork printed and finished in any size offered.

Format Styles

Meticulously printed and mounted to archival standards. The Archival Prints are finished with an 8-ply mat, Museum Art Glass (UV protection and less than 1% reflection) and bordered with an ebonized handmade black walnut frame offered in two styles. (hyperlink to frame section below) Estimated life of the image on this substrate is over 100 years in non direct sunlight.

Inquiry for more information on Archival Print methodology.

Frame options #1 or #2.
Popular Sizes (print size):  22”x33” and 40”x60”

Museum Mount

Meticulously printed on the same paper as the archival format. The print is then face mounted to acrylic glass in the traditional Diasec process. Dibond for the backing material with the reverse containing the aluminum stand off frame that floats this format approximately one inch off the wall. Estimated life of the image on this substrate is over 75 years in non direct sunlight.

Typically we leave these frameless for further accentuate the Zen minimalistic nature of the art.

Popular Sizes (print size): 40”x60” and 60”x90”

Canvas Gallery Wrap

Print Only

Print Only is available for all images within the Limited Edition and Artist Proof Collections. Limited Sizes offered. Please inquire.

frame styles

Frame options for Archival Prints and Canvas Gallery Wrap have been custom designed by Jason Henthorne. Henthorne desired a frame options that would further enhance his fine art fotography for The Collector. This desired vision led him to craft his own frames. These frames are handcrafted and produced by Joy Henthorne (Jason’s father) and Jason.

Frame Styles #1, #2, #3 and #4 are made of solid walnut that is sourced from the heart of the Ozarks. Each piece is hand milled and then ebonized with Japanese calligraphy ink. This process creates a finish that is unique to each piece of the frame which is light years apart in comparison to the machine made frames that are generally available.

These truly unique and deserving frames pair perfectly with Henthorne’s art to further accentuate the minimalistic vision of the artist.

Ordering & Shipping

You may order prints and finished pieces of any image in the portfolio on this site.  Simply select your image and email us with the name.

You will be contacted to help with size and format selection.  After those selections are complete, you will be provided pricing and invoice.  Once your ordered has been finalized and put into production the Print Only takes 3 weeks to deliver and finished pieces typically take 4-6 weeks to deliver.

The packing, handling and shipping charges to the U.S. have been included into the final cost for your convenience.

International Collectors, please contact us prior to ordering for a price quote on shipping your print or framed piece.

If you have any problems ordering, please contact us.

Installation & Care

Installation & Lighting

You will achieve the full potential of this piece by providing direct lighting to the fine art. I recommend halogen due to its clean white light. This will bring out the true grandeur of the print and the specialized paper it was printed on.

Archival Mount

For finished pieces (under glass) simply clean glass with over the counter rubbing alcohol. It provides the most streak free results.

Museum Mount

The acrylic “glass” we use for this format is off the highest quality. That being said, it is NOT scratch resistant. It is still in the plexiglass category and needs to be cared for as such.

Use only plexiglass cleaners and non-abrasive soft-cloths to clean when necessary. We recommend treating the surface the same as a plasma tv screen. The products from the “Brillianize” family are specially formulated for plasma screens and museum glass.

Do not use any ammonia based product or any product with any abrasive properties. The glass can be scratched. If you do get a scratch, try using “Novus Polish Kit” to remove.

Print Only

We highly suggest you do NOT handle the print. If you must, please make sure to be wearing cotton gloves. The surface of the print can be easily damaged from scratches and the oil in your hands. Please use an experienced framing professional for handling and mounting needs.

Regarding mounting, we highly suggest you mount to 3mm aluminum or dibond. Mounting to anything else runs the risk of the surface of the mounting material showing through and onto the image.

Virtual Renderings

While working with designers and collectors over the years, we have found it is invaluable at times to provide a virtual rendering of what a selected image will look like in a given space. With that said, we are happy to offer this service to you free of charge.

Sometimes the issue is: “what size do I need?” and other times it is: “will this image look better or that one?”

In both cases, our virtual rendering service will help make these decisions clear. Simply follow the instructions below and we will email you back with the finished look.

before & after


  1. Select 1 or 2 Henthorne Art Foto images that you would like to see a virtual rendering of
  2. Take photo of the space/wall you would be displaying art on
  3. Make sure shot is straight on, not at an angle
  4. Make sure to get both ceiling and floor in the shot
  5. Provide floor to ceiling height and width of wall or space
  6. Email: CollectArt@henthorne.com with your picture, selected image names you want rendered and wall dimensions