One of the fabulous details of being an artist is that you are never subjected to staying in the box. I was tired of the term “long exposure” as it was vague, ambiguous and meant completely different things to different people.


With that said, I decided to create and use a term that made more sense to me – Epic Exposure. So it is only fair that I help define what the term means to me. Epic Exposures are longer than a minute. More than a minute is what’s necessary to give the water or ocean that ethereal look. Really, I think about these exposures being more than three minutes and maybe even up to eight.

Why Epic? Well, I think at this level of timing… You really start to bend time. Lots of things can happen in three minutes. In my opinion, not much more can happen in a capture of 1 second versus 1/125 of a second capture. But my issue was most people would have called 1 second a “long exposure”. Not in my book.

My method… my term… nothing more… Nothing less.

But why are Epic Exposures bigger than life? This brings up the second reason why I came up with this term. My artwork is meant to be printed and displayed in LARGE format. By large I mean 40”x60” (1m x 1.5m). They were big scenes to start with and simply look better printed in all their glory and size.