For me, the Ocean IS everything. It is the life force of our planet. It provides half the oxygen we breathe. It supplies us with food.

For me, the Ocean excites all five senses. The smell of salt air along the coast. The gorgeous visual of aquamarine water. The amazing sound of big waves lapping the coast. The silky texture on your skin when you dive in. The taste when you take a deep breath. I make my art at the intersection of ocean and earth. I make my artwork to inspire others. To inspire them in the beauty our Ocean provides every day.

It is my hope and dreams that my art invokes that emotional connection to the most important place on our planet – The Ocean.

1% For the Planet

One of the ways I give back to the planet is through 1% For the Planet. It is a unique organization created by Yvon Chouinard (Patagonia) and Craig Matthews (Blue Ribbon Flies) in 2002. Their charter is to link dollars and doers in the environmental space. They vet all the environmental nonprofits and then make sure the members donate accordingly. Each year I donate 1% of my gross sales to Ocean oriented nonprofits. I try to put the money in the hands of places I visited that year combined with the ones I feel can make the biggest impact on the ocean. In addition, I am proud to be an ambassador for 1% FTP.   You are already involved when your support of my artwork, but I urge you to get more engaged.

Carbon Offset

I realize my travel to far off destinations leaves a footprint. The mere fact of stepping on an airplane sets off a large impact to the planet in the form of CO2 emissions.  At the end of each trip, I calculate my carbon footprint as close as possible. I then donate funds to clean energy and sustainable development projects that offset my carbon footprint. The bottom line… travel consciously and offset your footprint when you can. Be a responsible traveler.

Refuse. Reduce. Reuse.

Please consider reducing or eliminating single-use plastics from your world. Recycling is great, but not using these products, to start with, sends a signal in the supply chain NOT to make another one. Using the plastic simply signals for another one to be produced.


We have the power as individuals to make a change to this planet. If we all do just a little bit, the entire world changes for the better.  We live on the most unique rock in the universe. Let’s take care of this rock and this ocean as there really is no Plan B.

  • Start With One Thing
  • There is no Green without Blue
  • Be cognizant of your footprints
Just ask yourself a few questions about where all this plastic is going? What type of a planet do you want to live on? Ask for no straw. Use a stainless steel water bottle instead of plastic. Lids, cups, baggies… they all have great alternatives.