From planning the trip… to capturing the images… to printing… to finishing and framing… attention to detail at every step. We strive to execute every detail at the highest level.

Nothing less.


A little more information about our editions and why we are different. We produce black and white artwork in either limited edition prints, one of one, or open edition.

Our limited editions are pure in nature. Meaning, whatever the edition quantity is, that is all we will every print of that image. Regardless of the size of the artwork. For example, if the edition quantity is 7, then only 7 editions of that artwork will ever exist worldwide.

In a collection, there might also be an image or two that is simply one of one. Meaning, we are only ever going to print ONE. That’s it! The ultimate in bespoke and exclusivity. Henthorne will personally number and sign each artwork. You will receive a certificate of authenticity that contains a serialized hologram. Your artwork will be registered in our Art Information Database which is backed up to cloud storage.

Lastly, we often single out an image or two that we release as open editions. Same premium printing, paper and signed but not numbered. These images are the same in quality. You can find/search on all these different edition types in the main artwork menu (hyperlink)

Our Process

Henthorne was an early adopter of digital, both in the capture and the output.

“For many years I was still printing on photographic paper, but finally, I felt that the digital output superseded the old way. That is when I switched. Plus the digital output gave us better print quality and much more range size wise”.

The production of the artwork is done on large format Epson printers with K3 archival inks.

Our Paper

It may not seem like a very important topic, but there are hundreds of paper substrates to print on. Each one a different shade of white and each one ‘taking’ the ink a different way. Having a clear standard and sticking with it for a very long time is crucial to artwork printed 10 years ago looking exactly like the print made yesterday. We have selected two papers for output (we would have brought that to one, but the museum mounts require a special paper behind the glass. Hahnemühle 325gsm is our go-to paper. We use a special metallic black/white paper for the museum mounts.

Our Frames

When Henthorne couldn’t find the exact frame he desired (to set the artwork off, but remain in the background) he set out to make his own. Luckily his father is a master woodworker with an amazing shop and the plan was born. Design and fabricate his own idea out of walnut from the Ozarks where he was born.

The Espresso frames start off as raw wood, and in a very hands-on process of more than 50 individual steps… are crafted into perfectly imperfect finished frames that are like nothing you can buy.

We are proud to say these frames are limited editions in themselves as they will not be made forever.


Currently, we offer our artwork in 4 styles:

  • Print only: Printed on archival paper. It will be printed with a white border.
  • Framed – Espresso Shadow Box: Archival print, mounted, museum glass and finished with frames Henthorne and his father hand-make from raw walnut.
  • Framed – White Shadow Box: Archival print, mounted, museum glass and finished with classic white satin finished frame. Perfectly minimal.
  • Museum Mount: Metallic print face-mounted to acrylic glass and backed by Dibond. Floats off wall naturally via bracing on the reverse. Typically installed frameless.